Palm oil milling machines

Our company has manufacturing team, professional engineer team and sale team. We fulfilled many big palm oil milling machines like 45 tph, 60 tph, 80 tph in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and so on.
But more and more small palm oil milling machines like 1tph, 2tph , 3tph are very popular in Africa. What I am sure is our design is unique and based on our engineer’s long time practice experience and we helped many African clients and south Asia clients to set up good palm oil milling machines with diagrams. Nowadays we already set up palm oil milling machines in Nigeria, Liberia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand etc.

The processing technology of 1-3TPH palm oil milling machines with diagrams is as following:
FFB(palm fruit bunches)–Sterilizing section–Threshing section–Digester  section–Pressing section–Clarifying section–Filtering section–Crude palm oil.

1.FFB: It means fresh palm fruit bunches, you can get FFB from palm plantation.

2.Sterilizing section in palm oil milling machines with diagrams is mainly to prevent enzymes increasing, because palm fruit goes bad easily if they are not processed within 48 hours. At the meanwhile, palm fruit will become soften after cooking. It is easy for the following process. The followings are sterilizers:

3.Threshing section is mainly for separating palm fruit from palm fruit bunches.  About thresher, we adopt drum thresher machine, as following:

After threshing, you can get palm fruit and empty palm fruit bunches. Palm fruit will be sent the following palm oil milling machines with diagrams, empty palm fruit bunches can be as fertilizer for agricultural land or be sent to boiler as fuel.

4.Digesting section:  Crashing palm pulp and break the cell of pulp. It is good for palm oil milling machines.

5.Pressing section, we use double-screw press machine. After pressing, you can get crude palm oil and fiber,  fiber also is called cake, it can be as animal feed.

6.Clarifying section is mainly for removing some settlements.

7.Filtering is used for removing some impurities.

After the above processing, we can get red palm oil , it can be edible directly. We also have palm oil refinery machine if you need.
Only you make order, i will offer you a perfect palm oil milling machines with diagrams.