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Traditional Africa way to press palm fruit into palm oil is low output and many labor cost.our company improved the technoloy of palm oil processing machine,and make a new design.this new design palm oil processing machine has a big output,and save much labor cost.
Here is the comparation:

  1. Palm fruit thresher:

Traditional Africa :a man use a axe to cut the FFB into few pieces,then remove the palm fruit from bunch manually
Our design:use thresher machine to remove the fruit from bunch automatically, save much labor.

  1. Palm fruit sterilizer:

Traditional Africa design:put the palm fruit into a pot manually,then boil the fruit in the pot
Our design:put palm fruit into fruit basket,and use lift to transport the basket into the sterilizer,boil the fruit inside sterilizer.has a better sterilizer efficient and save labor cost.

  1. Palm oil Presser:

Traditional Africa design:first crush the palm fruit,then put the palm fruit pulp into the vertical oil expeller.this palm oil processing machine is complex and work slowly,has a little oil output
Our design:professional palm fruit presser with a capacity of 500kg/h to 2t/h.put the palm fruit into this palm oil processing machine directly,work efficient.

  1. Palm oil clarification

Traditional Africa design:boil the pressed oil in a barrel,and then remove the impurities,and get the clean oil.this way works slow and can not ensure a good quality of oil
Our design:use professional oil filter to remove the impurities from oil,get cleaning palm oil

Palm kernel process:

1.Palm fiber and palm nut separation:
Traditional Africa design:dry the fiber and nut under sun,then remove the fiber manually
Our design:use a specially separator machine to separate the fiber and palm nut efficient

2.Palm nut cracker
Traditional Africa design:small palm nut cracker,the work is ok,but output is small
Our design:different size of cracker to satisfy different customer’s demand

3.Palm shell and kernel separator
Traditional Africa design:dig a tank and fill some water and other chemical.then put the mixture of shell and kernel in the tank.the kernel will fallen down,and shell will comes out
Our design:vibrate separator works with air separator,to separate the shell cleaning by efficient and separate cleaning

Our company is a professional manufacture and project designer of palm&palm kernel oil project from China.we can provide palm&palm kernel oil project 5-1000TPD,if you have any interested in our palm oil processing machine,pls feel free to contact with us.