Peanut Oil Milling Plant

Automation Grade Automatic Capacity 5-20 ton/day Usage/Application Peanut Oil Power 25 HP Driven Type Electric Brand QIE Voltage 440 V Design Standard Company Design Electric Motor 10 HP x 2 Nos. Speed 960 RPM each Input Capacity 6-TPD Crushing Capacity I Deal In New Only We also supply Automatic Peanut Oil Milling Plants with Material […]

Groundnut Oil Mill

Automation Grade Automatic Capacity 1-5 ton/day Usage/Application Groundnut Oil / Peanut Oil Power 15 HP Total Driven Type Electric Brand QIE Voltage 440 V Design Unique Tinytech Design Electric Motor 3-Phase Speed 960 RPM Input Capacity 3-TPD Warranty 1 Year Against Mfg Defects Chamber Size 22″ x 4″ I Deal In New Only Crushes Groundnut […]

Cold Press oil machine Process

Nowadays, with organic food and green food processing technology being held in high regard, the production of various kinds of cold pressed oil has reached new heights in international market. Cold press is the completely physical and mechanical way of oil production. The oil obtained need to be filtered or dried to meet the requirements of consumption. […]

Edible Oil Refining Process

Vegetable oil obtained by pressing or extracting method without refining is commonly called crude oil. The main components of the oil is fatty acid mixture and triglycerides, commonly known as neutral oil. In addition, it also contains various non-triglycerides of different quantities, collectively called the oil impurities.These impurities are different in the quantity and composition, […]

vegetable oil extraction plant

Extract oil by pressing is a traditional method of vegetable oil extraction. With the development of oil extraction technology, three types of oil extraction methods are created from manpower press, hydraulic press to screw oil press. The widely used oil machine today is the screw oil press, and the hydraulic oil press is still in […]

Peanut oil pressing technology

Peanut kernel contains 40-50% of oil, which is often extracted by pressing of peanut kernels. The pretreatment process, therefore, must through cleaning, shelling and kernel shell separation process. The subsequent process is similar to soybean hot pressing method. Due to the high oil content and soft nature of peanut kernel, prepressing – extraction or double […]

Oil Refinery Plant

To provide you with: small intermittent oil refinery plant of 1-30 TPD, suitable for refining soybean, rapeseed, cottonseed, peanut oil, tea seed and walnut oil under 30 tons per day; Large fully continuous oil refinery plant of 30-1000 TPD for refining soybean oil, sunflower oil, rapeseed oil, cottonseed oil, peanut oil, palm oil, dry coconut […]

Cold Oil Press Machine

Cold press refers to the process that oil seeds are pressed through cold oil press machine below 60°C. Generally, processing under the environment of below 60°C can fully retain nutrients of oil seeds in cold press. The double screw cold oil press machine produced by our company is a kind of new cold oil press machine […]

Seed Oil Press

automatic seed oil press is a compact-structured oil extrusion machine used for extracting edible oil from more than twenty kinds of oil seeds such as sunflower seed, peanut, soybean, flaxseed, rapeseed, etc. The seed oil press is an advanced oil processing equipment with the features of simple design, easy operation, wide suitability, continuous operation, high […]